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An evidence-based supplement for supporting ovarian function, fertility and insulin sensitivity.
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  • Maintains & supports insulin sensitivity
  • Supports fertility and ovarian function
  • An evidence-based and well-researched supplement
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Insulin resistance is a condition where the cells of your body no longer respond to the hormone insulin like it should. This leads to high blood sugar levels (hyperinsulinemia) and, over-time, can lead to pre-diabetes and type II diabetes if left unmanaged.

Fortunately, Inositol maintains and supports insulin sensitivity, which demonstrates promising results for reducing insulin resistance. Additionally, numerous studies have shown Inositol to support ovarian function, which is beneficial for women looking to aid their fertility journey.

Ingredients (per serve): 99.9% pure myo-inositol (3g)

  • Supports & Maintains Healthy Insulin
  • Helps to Manage Body Weight
  • Supports Ovarian Function & Maintains Egg Quality
  • Supports Energy Levels
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Can Inositol be taken with birth control?


Can I take this with Balance as well?

Balance contains 3g Inositol per serve so it isn't really necessary to take additional. However for some people they feel it helps, so if you would like to add additional Inositol, please take Balance in the morning and then Inositol either mid afternoon or just before bed to space it out

Mix 1 level measured teaspoon in one cup of water or any flavoured drink on an empty stomach. Either first thing in the morning or before bed is ideal.
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Australia Australia


Cycle symptoms improved but my period dissapeared. :/ Pregnancy tests are negative though :(

Michelle J.
New Zealand New Zealand

Everyday Essential

This is a must have supplement for me. Repeat purchase for a long time now. Definitely notice my afternoon slump & unsettled sleep when I don’t have any inositol.

Siobhan D.
New Zealand New Zealand

Couldn't be happier!

After finding these supplements on Tik Tok I took the stab in the dark and purchased. I was really struggling to have a cycle and was not getting one without the use of pharmaceuticals which I try to stay clear of. By the time I started Inositol I had gone from 150kg to 130kg and kept stalling and my period had regulated to approx 167 day cycle. I then decided to add in Inositol and L Canatine and within the space of 30 days I had a 35 day cycle and was feeling great! My exhaustion was barely visible. I was loosing weight again, had a more regular cycle and loved being me. The best was yet to come!! I have been married for 10 years and we have been trying to conceive only to be told from doctors it wont happen because of my body so I was out too prove them wrong (a huge decision in purchasing these supplements) at my next cycle I was feeling abit more optimistic and decided to go all in knowing that if another cycle failed we were going to begin IVF intervention and we had already started our tests prior to the first consult with the fertility clinic. I was heart broken at days 14 & 21 progesterone blood tests that I had not cycled and decided to chart my BBT as well while continuing the supplements (outside of Inositol and L carnatine I only added in organic supplements such as zinc and magnesium as mine were naturally low) and on day 33 I felt I MAY have ovulated but shrugged it off.. WELL! Let me tell you this, I DID! After 10 years TTC we are currently 25 weeks pregnant with out miracle princess who is loved more then anything already and honestly I put this down to The Healthy PCOS supplements! I have continued these supplements and are placing another order today. I also truly believe these have helped me to maintain a healthy pregnancy and get me to where we are today. I am not saying you will have these results but honestly. The positivity of your body on these supplements are incredible and I will not go back!

Australia Australia

Very satisfied

I love how regular my period has been since taking this. I recommend this 100%

Mary J.
Australia Australia

I'm not gonna nenew it